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It’s a joy to make a difference to those who visit our space. Here are just a few examples of feedback received from those who attend our adult session.

Woman completing a jigsaw

“I’ve been so grateful for Renew HG1 this past year. It’s helped me get through some difficult times.”

“I’m so glad I found Renew HG1. It’s the one place I always want to come every week and I try my best not to miss a session. I love it so much because the people there are very kind and welcoming. Their warm smiles give me exactly what I need to see.”

“I come to Renew HG1 just to chat. I love talking to people and this group has given me the opportunity to do what I love.”


You’ll be able to read what our young people love about the space once our YP sessions are in full swing. These will appear in the next couple of months!

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